Steps to Take to Make Getting Through Airport Security A Breeze


Before the tragic day of September 11th, 2001- the day that changed thousands of people’s lives forever, getting through airport security wasn’t the same as it is today. There was still security, but because of the severity of the attack that changed the skyline of the world’s greatest city forever, airports around the world, but especially in the United States have cracked down and made things much more difficult for the average traveler.


It isn’t something people can or should complain about, as the lives of people are infinitely more valuable than a couple of minutes lost in a line at security. However, if you find that getting through airport security is too challenging for you, or it takes away from time that you can’t afford to give, here are steps you can take to make getting through airport security a breeze.


Don’t Pack Medications in Your Carry On


Unless you’re dependant on prescription drugs and you can’t last a couple of hours without taking a pill, and at at this point, you should seek help, don’t pack medications in your carry on. They say that if you do, the medications should be in clearly labeled bottles, but if you have a collection of bottles in your bag, security has to look at each one individually, and that eats up time. Best idea is to take what you need before your flight and pack the rest in your luggage.


Wear Non Metalized Clothing and Accessories


Seeing as you have to remove everything metal from your body when you go through airport security, it’s going to be beneficial to you to just go to the airport in clothing and accessories that aren’t laced with the stuff. If at all possible, wear pants that don’t need a belt, either skip out on wearing the watch, or be mindful and take it off before you reach the line at security, and dress for efficiency and comfort. Unless you’re traveling on business, there’s really no reason to have to wear clothing or accessories that have metal.


Check in Online


Even though check in isn’t security, if you do check in’s prior to arriving at the airport, you’ll give yourself more time and less stress in the moment. You never know when something crazy might happen and missing a flight is never a good thing, so do yourself a favor, check in prior to your flight online, have your boarding pass ready to go, as well as your identification, and just have your brain turned on.
Security really isn’t that bad, but people are stupid and slow. That’s what makes it painful. As long as you watch what you’re packing, dress mindfully, and you do all the necessary prep work ahead of time, you’ll breeze through security in no time at all.


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