Staying Clean On The Road: Planning A Vacation While In Recovery

Thousands of Americans are in some form of addiction recovery – whether from alcohol, drugs, or gambling – and one of the core ways that those in recovery stay on track is by having access to ongoing treatment and support. But just like everyone else, those in recovery deserve to enjoy life and experience enriching travel and exploration. It may just take a little more planning, but in all truth, the best vacations are well planned.


Here are 5 ways to enjoy travel while in recovery without deviating from your treatment plan. No matter where you go, you can take wellness with you.


Take A Buddy


Who you spend your time with is a major predictor of recovery success, whether you’re hanging out in your own backyard or traveling abroad. Choose a travel partner who’ll support your sobriety, a friend or family member who knows about your struggles and will hold you accountable for proper behavior.


This person should also understand that there are no breaks in recovery – alcoholics can’t just enjoy a single glass of wine while traveling in France. Breaking your sobriety in even the smallest ways can be harmful.


Talk To Your Therapist


Many individuals recovering from addiction have what’s termed a dual diagnosis – co-occuring addiction and mental health problems. In order to ensure success on your travels, talk to your therapist about how you’ll handle different situations. By discussing and role playing different situations, you can defuse potential triggers or pressures before you set out.


Meet The Locals


There are people in recovery across the country and around the world, so no matter where you go you should be able to find a recovery meeting. Check online to find where local meetings are held and keep a regular schedule of attendance. While the experience may be different from meetings at home, you’ll still benefit from attending them.


Choose Meaningful Locations


Are there places you’ve always wanted to go but have never had the chance? Rather than just joining friends or family on any trip, save you money for a trip to a meaningful location. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon or the Petrified Forest. Now is the time to go.


These types of natural landmarks often trigger a deep sense of connection to something greater – much like the core belief in a higher power that’s part of most recovery programs. These powerful locations can anchor you during your travels.


Have Fun


Being in recovery doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a dull life. In fact, choosing recovery is about choosing to open your world back up to a range of experiences. Travel is just one of those and you should embrace your journey fully. Don’t allow negative feelings stemming from addiction to cloud your journey. Instead, enjoy the trip and celebrate this new life – you’re working hard and you deserve to have fun.


Alan loves to travel the world and chase the sunshine! Love road tripping, camping & the outdoors.

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