Stag Parties in Europe

Depending on the type of stag party you want, Europe has a destination for everyone.

Traditional Stag Parties


Red-Light-District1.preview-150x150Red-Light-District1.previewWhen it comes to the Best Mans most important job, planning the Stag Party, Amsterdam is always first pick. The city offers everything you could want for one wild weekend of freedom. The appeal of Amsterdam is often one of two things, if not both; The Red Light District and Weed Cafes. Even if you are not going for either of these things, Amsterdam has a lot to offer in terms of bars, clubs and entertainment. There is some of the most unusual nightlife that you are unlikely to see anywhere else in the world. It can be mind blowing seeing all of the craziness happening, and will make for one memorable weekend that you probably cannot remember!


Ibiza does a lot of what Amsterdam does, but in the sun next to a beach. Hit up major clubs with top DJ’s. Ibiza is a bit more expensive than Amsterdam, and although some of the entertainment isn’t on the same level of insane, there are a few things that will shock. Known as the ultimate party island, it’s the right place for a lad’s holiday. Take a booze cruise on the Med for the ultimate stag party.



Prague is fast becoming the New Amsterdam. It offers top class pubs and clubs at a much cheaper price. Famous for its beer and beautiful Slavic women, Prague has all the ingredients for a messy weekend.

Golf Stag Parties


Golf Fanatics may want nothing more than a weekend away at their favourite course before the big day, but choose one that offers more than golf. Locations to keep an eye out for will have the traditional trappings of s stag party; i.e. Lots of alcohol and women. Although it may not be their prerogative of the groom to have a wild weekend, as stag parties are becoming longer it isn’t all about the night out anymore. Why not mix your favourite sport with your favourite hobby, golf during the day, and pub golf at night! The best cities for a stag party with a golfing twist are;


Edinburgh is a classy location for an upmarket stag do, with all the benefits of being affordable. Scotland’s main city is close to many golf resorts and some of the best golf courses in the UK. Edinburgh Leisure has 6 golf courses where you can just show up and tee off when you want. But a short drive away from the city is East Lothian where there are over 22 course to choose from. Some of these require choosing tee times in advance. Muirfield is heralded as the world’s oldest golf course and considered to be among the top 100 finest courses in the word, so be sure to let them know if your plan on arriving for a game or two. Try and coincide your golfing stag party with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A night of comedy may console you after a day’s poor golfing.


Albufeira is the sunny Edinburgh. The Algarve is a popular tourist destination and famed for its many golf courses that overlook the Atlantic. Of course, it has all the trappings of holiday resorts with bars and pubs galore, all located conveniently on “The Strip”. The Golf courses are innumerable, and offer panoramic vistas of Portugal and the sea.

Football Stag Parties


Football Fanatics have combined their love of the sport with their love of drink for years. Even on a regular weekend the best place to watch the footie is the pub, and your team winning means a night on the drink. For many stags trying to find a weekend that suits everyone and doesn’t interfere with the fixtures can be a little difficult and more than stressful. But, there is a solution that few think of. Combine the both! Whether you want to see your dream team play home or away, you can merge it with a stag weekend easily. Because there are so many great cities with so much nightlife, so not worry about ending up in your local after going to a home game. Even a friendly away game can be the inspiration for a lad’s stag weekend abroad, and there really is no shortage of places to choose from as long as you’re not too picky.

Casino/ Gambling Stag Parties


Thanks to The Hangover, every group of men wants to head to Las Vegas for a stag party. But crossing the Atlantic might be just a little bit out of everyone’s budget. Never worry, you can recreate your own disastrously entertaining weekend in Europe. Dress up like James Bond and hit the dazzling lights of Europe’s best casinos.


monaco-car-150x150Monaco gets first choice for casinos, birthplace of the famous Monte Carlo Casino. It is a cheap destination to fly to, however, it can be expensive while you are there and may not suit everyone’s budget. Monaco is considered the most luxury stag destination and is very up-market. The Circuit de Monaco Formula One Track is also available to see. Many boutique hotels offer package options where you are picked up in a formula one car from the hotel and driven around the track!


On the budget end of a casino weekend is Moscow. Although pricier to get to, you will save money while you are there. Dining and drinking are much cheaper than in other destinations, and accommodation is available at any budget. There are casinos, strip clubs and night clubs where Russian vodka flows freely. The manliest and rugged of destinations, stag parties can do activities like tank driving and gun training! There are even AK-47’s on the firing range!


There are many other stag parties themes you can base the weekend around, and this is a good idea if you are staying in your local area. It is not all about the enjoyment of the lads themselves, everyone you pass by has a good laugh at crazy costumes and the antic you get up too. The more you embarrass the groom, the more fun everyone else has!

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