Places to Travel If You Want Your Kids to Experience and Value Art

A child’s upbringing is the thing that is going to shape who they are as human beings. Their beliefs, their viewpoints, the way they treat others, the way they view marriage, the foods they eat, their willingness to accept others and their ability keep an open mind about various opinions are all set in motion by the parent.


If you want your kid to grow up and think about things before acting upon them, if you want your child to have amazing experiences and be a mover and shaker in the world, you have to teach them from the beginning of their lives that that is a a thing upon which it is important to place value.


A couple things in life that will condition your kids to be critical thinkers, empathetic to the point of action, and ultimately motivate them to keep moving in life are travel and art. Travel opens up the mind and heart, and art does the same. When experienced together, the recipe for success is set in motion. Here are places to travel if you want your kids to experience and value art:


The Home of the Renaissance


Renaissance is literally translated to mean “rebirth”. The Renaissance happened in Europe right after the Middle Ages- a time in which Feudalism and class characterization ruled society. The Renaissance brought a revival and passion for art and learning that had been forgotten in Europe. It was through things like paint, architecture, literature, poetry, and things of the like that the world came alive again.


For this reason, Europe is the number one place you need to take your children if you want them to grow up appreciating art. It’s not limited to one country, although there are certainly places within Europe that embody what the Renaissance was. The point is, Europe is defined by the Renaissance, therefore, there is evidence of it everywhere that you look.


New York City


If you don’t have the capability to make your way across the whole of Europe to experience all the art it has to offer, you can experience art in a wholly different, but just as valuable way right in the United States. New York City has been thought by many to be the greatest city in the world. It sure is the place where much of the world’s affairs get done.
Because America symbolizes the land of opportunity and the place to come to escape oppression brought upon by many different circumstances, New York City is the melting pot of the world. Because of this, you get a taste of the world’s art and culture without having to travel far.  


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