Is There A Doctor On Board? Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

When you set out on a trip, the last thing you want is to get sick or injured, but unfortunately unfamiliar locations, new activities, and even language barriers can all contribute to vacation ailments. That’s why you should always travel with first aid supplies, basic medications, and emergency contact information – and you can’t go wrong by adding a phrase book with basic health terms if you’re traveling abroad.


The biggest problem with vacations injuries and illnesses is that you can’t plan for them – if you knew what was going to happen, you’d be able to avoid the problem in the first place. But what you can do is know what problems are common among people with similar plans so that you’re prepared if the worst does happen. It may not be what you want to think about as you set out on vacation, but if you return home having avoided all harm, you can count the research as worthwhile.


Walk Right


No matter where you go, you’re likely to do a lot of walking. But even if you’re traveling during the summer and would prefer to wear sandals, be sure to pack practical socks and shoes to wear during the day. While blisters alone may be merely uncomfortable, continually reopening them as you walk around may cause them to get infected, and that’s a much bigger problem. Sacrifice fashion and wear appropriate footwear.


Mind Your Meals


In certain areas of the world, you’re much more likely to acquire a stomach ailment if you drink the local water or sample the cuisine. Of course, you’re going to need to eat and drink while you’re traveling, but if you want to play it safe, consider skipping the street food in favor of more traditional restaurants. Additionally, speak to your doctor before you travel – many will prescribe you a course of antibiotics to take with you just in case.


Stay Substance Free


Although there haven’t been many reports of similar instances in Amsterdam, where tourists have been sampling cannabis-laced snacks for years, since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana use, a surprising number of tourists have landed in the ER. Typically this occurs when the marijuana interacts with a preexisting condition or when novice users consumer too much and don’t know what to expect. While it may be tempting, don’t waste hours in the ER on your vacation because you wanted to experiment with drugs while on vacation – you’ll regret it.


Beware Of Heights


Will your vacation take you well above sea level? If so, be aware that you may struggle with altitude sickness, a condition caused when your body can’t take in enough oxygen. While most people manage fine until about 8,000 feet, you may start experiencing symptoms as low as 6,500 feet. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to adjust at an intermediate altitude for a day or two if possible, rather than taking the trip all at once.


Traveling is a great experience, but anyone who’s ever been sick on a trip can tell you that they missed out on a lot. That’s why you should take whatever precautions you can to stay well, rather than leaving things up to chance. You can’t plan it all, but you should always plan what you can.



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