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Grenada is associated with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and nutmeg, thus it is also known as the “Spice of the Caribbean”. However, this is not all that attracts thousands of visitors every year. In fact, the landscape here creates perfect conditions for amazing tropical vacation full of adventures. The nation of Grenada consists of three islands, which are Grenada, Petite Martinique and Carriacou. The largest of them is Grenada with mainly volcanic and mountainous terrain, where many beautiful lakes and waterfalls are located. Tropical rainforest is an ideal place for hiking, while the river of Balthazar is perfect for white water rafting and other kinds of water activities. Further down, take a scenic cruise, dining on deck and shaded from the midday sun.

More than 45 beaches in Grenada are filled with a beautiful gold, pink, white or black sand. Tourists can enjoy their coral reefs and brilliant blue water, where snorkelers and scuba divers find great opportunities for exploring the marine life. Be careful on the coral, your Grenada adventures could be cut short with a nasty cut! Another of Granada adventures is a visit to the spice factory. Gouyave with its Fish Fry that takes place on Friday night reveals a small part of the local traditions and culture. There are numerous sights in this island that should be visited by vacationers who search for adventures.

Although not as mountainous as Grenada and a bit smaller, Carriacou is also a valuable place to visit, if you would like more Grenada adventures. Carriacou people traditionally build boats and are keen sailors. Put all hands on deck with a traditional sailing lesson. Hiking and walking tours are encouraged here by beautiful landscape, while sand beaches predispose tourists to peaceful rest.

Petite Martinique is the smallest of the three islands and is also suitable for day trips. It is easily accessed by ferry.

Grenada is inhabited by just 108,000 people, which makes locals and their lifestyle also very interesting for the tourists who come here to enjoy the beauty of Grenada’s nature. It also makes it an idea destination for outdoor activities.

Grenada adventures begins with fantastic beaches, which stretch for miles ending in picturesque bays or coves and ends high among the mountains. Among the most popular of Granada’s beaches, considered the most beautiful of all, is Gran Anse with its bay in U-shape, gold sand and blue-green water.

However, the beaches are not the greatest Grenada’s treasure. Due to its mountainous nature, Granada adventures take place in some of the most attractive waterfalls in the world. No matter where in Grenada you choose to stay, there will be definitely a beautiful waterfall nearby. One such waterfall is the Annadale Waterfall that pours out its transparent waters over the dark rocks in a large pool of cold water. On your way to the view, nutmegs that line the path will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Some other popular and beautiful waterfalls in Grenada are ConcordeFalls, the Mount CarmelFalls, the Seven Sisters waterfall, the Paraclete Waterfalls, the HoneymoonFalls, Victoria Falls, etc.

The opportunities of sightseeing in Grenada are limitless, so we will mention just some of them here.

The Grenada National Museum is small, but very interesting, offering a fine collection of artifacts. Here is the place to go to, if you would like to learn more about the local culture and history. The museum itself is housed in a historical building that was once a prison and later the first hotel in Grenada.

For cultivated Grenada adventures visit Rome’s Museum and the Carriacou Museum The Carriacou Museum was once a cotton gin mill and has been restored into a museum where the artifacts who traces of French and British occupation in Grenada.

Visit also Sendall Tunnel, FortGeorge, FortFrederick, Government House, the Tower St. Paul and Mount Hartman Dove Sanctuary, as each of these places can offer you unique adventures, while you are in Grenada.


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