4 Fun Ways to Experience the Golden Gate Bridge

Planning a trip to California? Anticipating seeing the colorful San Francisco and the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge? While there many vantage points in the city to witness this famous bridge, some ways are more unique and exciting than others. Make a game plan before hitting the city in order to maximize your views and photo opportunities. Included here are a few of the most exciting and unique ways to view the Golden Gate Bridge.
One of the most unique and beautiful options to see the Golden Gate is cruising under it on a ship. There are wonderful cruise lines that offer 3 hour tours of the bay beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. You can choose a lunch tour complete with a sit down meal on the boat, or opt for an evening special in which you can enjoy a 3 course sit-down meal, entertainment and views of the lit bridge after dark. Looking up at the bridge from the water is a truly unique and different experience. If you have a large group of friends, it is possible to rent the full boat and make it an evening to remember with your nearest and dearest.

Walking or Biking
While most people see the bridge when they drive over it, this is not the most ideal way to experience this National landmark. There is no stopping on the bridge when in a vehicle to take pictures or savor the scenery. By going at your own pace via walking or bicycle you have ample time to enjoy the sights and experience. Some companies available in San Francisco will rent out bicycles to you for the trip across the bridge. One thing to keep an eye out for are the “suicide phones” along the bridge in order to prevent suicidal individuals from jumping off. While it is a bit of a morbid detail of the bridge, it is also a part of its history and unique tale.

Hyde Street Pier

If you wish to stay in the city and view the bridge from across the bay there are many options for this. With multiple piers along the waterfront you will have plenty of spots to get out for a view of the bridge. Unfortunately, if you happen to visit San Francisco on an especially foggy day it can be difficult to get a view of the bridge from greater distances. By visiting the Hyde Street Pier, you will have a better angle of the bridge and not be looking across as great of a distance.

Truly one of the most exciting options, viewing the Golden Gate Bridge by helicopter is exceedingly unique. By taking a tour with the San Francisco Vista Grande Company, you will have the opportunity to view Alcatraz Island, the San Francisco Skyline, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the famously renowned Golden Gate Bridge. Your pilot will be well trained in the contours of the San Francisco geography and able to offer fun facts and local knowledge about many of the places you pass overhead.


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