7 Reasons to Visit South America

One of the most exciting Continents on the planet, South America has long been a popular destination for many reasons. With sandy beaches, snow capped mountains and steamy rainforests, it has terrain to appeal to every palate; not to mention the vibrant culture and food. So if you are traveling for a gap year or for a sabbatical; here are a few reasons to make South America your destination of choice.
The Andes
At 4,350 miles long, the Andes are the longest mountain range on the planet. The opportunity to witness these incredible mountains first-hand cannot be passed up! You will have the opportunity to climb, mountaineer, and trek across these beautiful mountains while you are in South America.



There is an endless diversity of music playing out in South America. You will have many to listen to and enjoy including: merengue, salsa, tango, pan pipes or drums. And where there is music, there is likely to be dancing. So prepare yourself for the festivities if you visit this vibrant continent!


Amazon River

South America is home to the Amazon River which carries more water than the next 3 highest discharging rivers combined! At the second longest in the world, the Amazon is home to more than 5,600 known fish species. You will have ample opportunity to explore this important river and all that it has to offer.


South Americans take their food seriously and have plenty of wonderful options when you get hungry. The oceans and Amazon river provide ample fish and seafood, and the lush jungles pump out plenty of delicious fruit. With plenty of potatoes and quinoa, you can have wonderfully exotic, delicious meals in no-time.



The highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, plummets 3,212 feet from a clifftop in Venezuela. Another waterfall, reminiscent of Niagara, Iguazu Falls makes its home on the border between Argentina and Brazil. There will be plenty of photo opportunities at each of these majestic falls and stories to last longer than the mist they produce.


South America has a long and interesting past. This country is rich in history pertaining to the harve

st of cacao and sugarcane as well as the extraction of gold. There is a beautiful blend of people from European, African, and Amerindian cultures. You will be able to see plenty of historical towns, buildings and locations on your trip in this continent.
Bordered on all sides by water, South America is a continent committed to its oceans: Pacific, Caribbean and Atlantic. There are miles of beaches along this continent; with everything from calm waters with thatched huts, big waves for surfers and the legendary Cape Horn at its Southern tip.


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