5 Things To Take Care of at Home Before Leaving For Long Trips


When you’re out traveling, one thing that you don’t want causing anxiety in the back of your mind is the state of affairs back at your home. You don’t want to be worrying about anything other than enjoying your vacation or your trip, free from loose thoughts about if you left the lights on back in your kitchen.


So go down this checklist before taking off on your next trip – check your home’s basic structural integrity, handle your mail situation, get your pets taken care of, make sure you have a plan for watering plants and your lawn, and ensure that proper security is in place for the duration of the time you’ll be away.


Basic Structural Integrity


How awful would it be to leave on a trip for two weeks and come back and find major flooding or other damage caused by some type of structural damage to your home? So before you go, check your windows and doors professionally, and do a quick but thorough inspection of things like your roof life, and the state of your basement sump pump. Anything major that could go wrong quickly should be looked at, at least briefly, before you take off.


Mail Service


If you live in a situation where a stuffed mailbox is going to be a problem, or that mail left out in the open is going to be a cue (potentially to thieves) that you aren’t in the area, then make sure you put a pause on your mail service, or make sure that a friend or relative is going to pick it up every few days to make sure there’s no obvious change in your presence at the house.


Pets Taken Care Of


If you have pets, you don’t want to stress about them while you’re away either. There are options like having friends and family come over to feed them or let them out to play, or there’s always the option of boarding them somewhere clean and professional.

Flowers, Plants and Lawn Watered


If you have anything that needs to be watered, including indoor and outdoor plants, or decorate flowers, or anything else that needs that low level of moisture maintenance, be sure to schedule people to take care of that before you take off. That’s not a last-minute thing that should be handled because it slipped your mind. If your living things are important, treat them as such.


Security In Place


Home security systems are cheaper and better quality than ever before now, so paying a few hundred dollars to get a system that you can even tap into in real time is totally an option. Then whenever you get the urge, you can log in and see anything that’s either live or has been recorded from your placed cameras.


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