5 Smart Purchases Before Your Next Trip Into the Wild


When you go on a trip, especially something like a vacation, where your primary residence isn’t going to be a hotel or a condo, then it makes sense for you to be prepared. And that doesn’t mean for you to be in complete survivalist mode, but there’s nothing worse than being somewhere exciting and not being able to appreciate it because you’re hungry, cold, or otherwise unprepared.


So, before your next traveling opportunity, make sure that you at least purchase five items to help your deal with practical situations, including a good backpacking tent, the right multi-tool, camping food, bug spray and sunscreen, and a good pair of socks.



A Good Backpacking Tent


If you’re going to be outside sleeping, you need a tent. And though there are a million options when it comes to this, and you also have to consider things like how many people will be in the tent, how much weight you can carry, and how much space is available, there are a tremendous number of resources that will point you in the direction of the right purchase. Simply talking to someone at an outdoor and camping store will quickly help you find your immediate target.


The Right Multi-tool


And it doesn’t matter if you need a small knife, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, some pliers, or a screwdriver of some sort, if you don’t have one of those things and you’re out on a trip somewhere, you could be run into serious inconvenience, if not serious trouble as it relates to safety. So before you head out, buy a solid multi-tool. Just be aware that if you’re flying, you have to check it in many cases, as the knife part won’t be allowed on the plane.


Camping Food


And hunger is most certainly the enemy, even if you’re just walking around in nature. So, to that end, make sure to bring some energy bars with you – food that’s high in calories and a good, digestible energy source, so you have something to keep you going.


Bug Spray and Sunscreen


And two major problems for travelers are going to be bugs in the forest or wooded areas, and sunshine by beaches or out in flatlands. So, having a small container of bug spray and a tube of sunscreen are going to be lifesavers.


Practical Socks, Seriously


And if you plan on doing walking, any walking at all, spend the money on some good pairs of socks, seriously. Getting a blister can make a journey torturous more quickly than anything else, so if you don’t have the right socks. you won’t be able to appreciate anything other than the constant pain in your feet!



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