5 Reasons to Make California Your Summer Destination

Summer travel has long been a romanticized concept in books and film. There are few things quite as American as loading up the car and driving to the ocean for a weekend filled with sun and surf. If you have ever visited California, you may begin to grasp why it became such a heavily populated, promised land to many people. Included here are a few reasons to make California your summer destination this year.


World-Class Resorts

If there is anything California knows well, it is tourism. With countless recreational opportunities and natural parks, the state has gotten a firm handle on hospitality. With world-class resorts, spas and retreats, there is a place for everyone to stay in this sunshine state. The “wild” part of the west has been removed from the hospitality industry and you are sure to enjoy premiere dining, entertainment and rooms in California.


Natural Wonders

Some people have fallen in love with California simply due to its sheer diversity. In a state where you can surf in the morning and snow ski in the afternoon, it is easy to see the appeal. Yosemite Valley is a breathtaking natural area that caused John Muir to seek preservation of the natural parks of America.


California is also known for more than its fair share of big trees. The tallest trees in the world are the Coastal redwoods present along the Pacific ocean. The largest trees in diameter are the Sequoia redwoods which exist in the California state park by that name. And, finally, the oldest trees in the world, the Bristlecone pine trees, are also present in California and can be viewed near the White mountains.


Highway 1

For those genuine lovers of the open road, the highway 1 drive along the Pacific coast can not be beat. With curving highways above rugged cliffs,  breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean and stints under dense forest canopy, it is hard to match this incredible drive. If you are less than enthused about heights, you may need to take the drive from south to north to stay in the inside lane.


Sonoma Valley

From the gold to the grapes, California certainly offers a bounty from the land. Known for many internationally-renowned varieties of wine, California wine country is a favorite destination for many travelers. The Sonoma valley is especially popular as it holds some of the oldest and most picturesque wineries in the state.



For many history buffs, viewing the site of America’s famous island prison is a must. Alcatraz island is located in the Pacific ocean within view of San Francisco and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. After learning more about this prison, and finding more reasons to be grateful for your freedom, spend the evening enjoying San Francisco color and history on its steep and curvy streets.



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