5 Places Industry and Tourism Intersect

When you’re thinking about the next place that you’d like to travel, you might not often think about how the industries in those places will affect your time there. But how well a place is doing economically actually may have a huge effect on what you can do there, and what sorts of goods and services are available.


Consider the oil industry, farming industry, political climate of a place, and thoughts about weather and travel options being factors. Each of those categories has an internal effect on a travel destination, and are worth mulling over while making decisions.


The Oil Industry


When oil prices go down, things change all over the world. People can afford more gasoline, so car travel goes way up. And gas stations in general become more profitable. More people are at work in the oil industry, which means they have more money to spend. Also, things like solar energy companies lose a little bit of leverage. And, in countries where oil production is huge, every spike or dip in the cost of a barrel is going to have a huge impact on local economies.


The Farming Industry


Think of places that you go that are famous for open fields and lots of natural local products like wheat, grain, corn, or other vegetables. These might be places like the Midwest, or even the Southwest, of the United States. When those industries change rapidly, the influx of tourist money is going to change because the reasons that people go there are going to change as well. If your town is famous for corn and potatoes, but you don’t have a good crop that year, tourist numbers are going to falter.


When Weather Is a Factor


Many tourist locations depend on weather. Heading to ski resorts is a good example. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, at least to a small degree, the number of people going there for a season can change dramatically, and if local companies depend on that seasonal income, the cash flow might be a factor even in there being options available.


When Travel Is a Factor


Sometimes your travel destinations are going to be restricted by the availability of travel options themselves. For a long time, it was pretty unlikely that you’d plan on going on a vacation to Cuba, because there simply weren’t physical ways to accomplish this!


The Political Climate


And one final factor, before you decide where you’re going to head next, is what the political climate is like at that destination. You would have to put some serious consideration into something like visiting certain places in the Middle East or even large sections of Africa, simply because the relationship between the government and population at large is tense.


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