5 Common Medical Troubles When Traveling

Traveling and vacationing experiences should be counted among the most amazing journeys of your life. However, the less positive aspects of life don’t stop just because you want to have fun, and that means that medical issues still can and will happen when you’re out.


If you don’t want these medical issues to affect you as much, however, there are ways to understand, prevent, or treat them when they come up. Specifically, consider things like asthma attacks, nasty sunburns, food poisoning, jet lag, and motion sickness. These are all extremely common experiences for travelers, so being prepared in advance is a specifically good idea.


An Asthma Attack


When you have an asthma attack, you can immediately feel panicked, and that just makes your situation worse. So, knowing in advance what to do when out traveling, especially if you’re doing something that might be strenuous, or in an environment that could cause an attack (high altitude, high pollen count, etc.), having an inhaler ready, or at least knowing how to get to a doctor who can help you are going to be your immediate concerns. If it’s a pre-existing condition, make sure you’re prepared for the worst, and just be glad when you get through your adventure issue-free.




The end of many a great vacation happens when someone gets sunburned too badly. The sun is beautiful, the sky is amazing, the water is wonderful – and you spend even just a few hours in the exotic location of your dreams. Only to come back to your hotel and turn bright pink, and then red. Buy sunscreen and use it. Or beware the consequences! That is one of the easiest ways to avoid that trouble.


Food Poisoning


Going to new places means eating new food. And that’s all fine and dandy, except different cultures have different resistances to certain food-borne issues. So, if you dive right in and eat some raw fish and vegetables, or local classic meals, you may pay for it later. Avoid that issue by being smart about what you try, and only going for little bits at a time if you’re uncertain of your ability to digest.


Jet Lag


Depending on how long your travel time is, and how many time zones you’re moving across, jet lag can be a serious issue for several days. Just be cautious about things like taking sleeping pills to try to get on the right schedule right away, because the shock to your system might make your feel ill for longer than you have to.


Motion Sickness


Airplanes, buses, and trains can all cause motion sickness in some people. It’s an extremely common condition to run into while traveling. So before you head out, make sure that you have the right combination of mind and stomach settlers, even if it’s just something simple as a motion sickness bracelet and some ginger ale.

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