3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe While Away On Vacation

When you’re packing to go on vacation, the last thing that you’re probably thinking about is home safely. In all honestly, of the million things that are going through your mind, the biggest things you’re thinking about are being on some beach somewhere, taking in the sights, and having a cool, refreshing alcoholic beverage…or nine. You’ve waited all year for this. Vacations don’t happen every day, especially for the working class who has to finance those vacations over sometimes years of hard work and overtime.


However, even though you have many things going through your mind and you’re just trying not to forget something important as you pack last minute items, home safety is a valid concern that you must give some thought to. If you want your home to stay safe while you’re away, here are 3 things you should do:


Embrace the Automation


If you live in a small town where safety isn’t necessarily something that crosses your mind on the daily, a home security system might seem like overkill. However, think of this: You’re away on vacation and the world knows it because you’re checking in, posting photos while you’re away, and you’re not thinking about the fact that your safe little town just might be home to some opportunists who will take the time to rampage your house looking for valuables to hawk.


To save yourself the heartache, embrace smart home automation. Not only are you getting killer security for when you’re not around, you’re saving on costs all around which means more vacation for you, more often.


Get A Sitter


If a security system isn’t in the budget and you’re looking for something a little less cool, you could always just get a house sitter for the time that you’re away. If it’s a good family friend, you could always give them the perks of eating your food and you might not even have to pay them that much.


Of course, it’s a good idea to give them something for their time, but in the end, your mind will be at ease if you just have a sitter watch over the place. It costs a lot less to have somebody stay the night and keep an eye out than it does to file a claim with insurance and have lost items and damages.


Ask the Neighbors to Keep an Eye Out


If all else doesn’t seem like a necessity to you, the least you can do to keep your home safe while you’re away is ask your neighbors to keep an eye out. You never know when a bunch of teenagers might want to use your home as a spring break party spot, even if they have no intention of stealing anything. If the neighbors alert you at any suspicious behavior, you’ll be able to respond quickly and anything bad that could happen will at least be easier to avoid.


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