3 Behaviors to Be Wary of While Traveling


While traveling is one of the best experiences in the world, it holds many very real threats to those who embark to engage in all it has to offer. When you travel, you have to be good at researching the places you’re going, the customs and cultures of the land, and the various environmental factors you’ll be facing that you’re not used to or aware of.

If you fail to do so, you may pay for it with your life. It sounds melodramatic, but it’s a reality. The world is not always a safe place. You have to be your own protector to ensure that you still have your sanity, your health, and your life after a trip with your enticing friend, wanderlust.

If you’re gearing up to travel, here are 3 behaviours you need to be wary of in order to keep yourself in a state of health and happiness upon your return home.



While you may not necessarily be threatened with your life in regards to eating while traveling, you do need to be careful to measure all that you’re taking in. In simplest terms, the water in many countries is not safe for an outsider to drink because you don’t have the antibodies to combat the viruses and other bacteria that lives in the waters supply. This means that you have to be careful what you order to eat. Make sure it’s not coming directly out of a contaminated water source.


In similar regards, vacation is a time where you might choose to indulge in all of the delicacies that the world has to offer. If you’re traveling long term, this could lead to you developing certain eating habits that cause you to gain a lot of weight. When you return home, it’s hard to disconnect from that mentality.



Drinking in foreign countries comes with a whole different set of risks. Going out to the bar and getting slammed is different in your home town and country than it is in a foreign place. If you’re going out to bars and drinking the local spirits to the point of passing out and being in precarious situations you might not be so lucky to get out unscathed.

When in different lands, only drink in safe places and limit your consumption. For anybody who drinks high amounts of alcohol, there is a risk for addiction. The last circumstance you want to be in when you come back is one that is riddled with addiction and a long path to recovery.


In America and similar countries, prostitution flies below the radar for the most part, but in other countries, this isn’t at all the case. You will see women and men parading the streets looking for business. It might be tempting to engage in the activities at hand, but you should really steer clear. The people on the street are often just the puppets of a very deep criminal organization. By engaging in activities, you’re supporting the wicked, demoralizing and taking advantage of those who are already being sold into slavery, and you’re at risk of contracting diseases yourself.


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